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€1000 for your studies in France

Summer 2024 edition- Applications open on March 1, 2024


10 installation scolarships in France


Livinfrance covers some expenses related to your installation in France: visa, housing, insurance, personalized support, up to €1000.

Livinfrance, the platform that makes international students' life easier!

Livinfrance is an all-in-one free platform for international students, and helps them every step of their installation in France. 

Getting your visa, finding accommodation : for each step, we have a suitable solution for international students!

Register now on our platform and get the best support during your preparation and installation in France (100% free)!

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Discover our scholarship program for international students in France.

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Visa support

Get the support of our expert agents through your visa application process


Student housing

Our platform offers thousands of furnished properties, available without a guarantor!

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100+ courses available, in just 1 application

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Our application platform allows you, with just 1 application file, to access 10+ renewed schools and 100+ courses : bachelor's degree, master's degree, and more !

Find your course in Livinfrance

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